Monday, 31 October 2011


people think playing mmorpg may lead to addiction and rune things in our life :P unfortunetly its true becuase anything too much is bad i am saying you from an 7 years of my gaming trance if your new to this mmorpg thing please try to control your emotional path .Why? its because the main reason of getting addicted to mmo's are high ego's  and over competition just try not to involve so much in game unless you have got some big issue in real world :) i tried many mmorpg's and few are good and time saving like TTa3,Supreme destiny ,karos,A3flamez ect  like this games have a auto functioning  features like hunting ect so you can just put the game and  get AFK .So you can spend more time on other stuff while starting any mmo always go through reviews well so tht you will get good knowledge about the game features .for now i would say if your starter better go with tta3 or supreme destiny (400mb max hard disk space - awesome game try it :) )..

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