Monday, 31 October 2011

Welcome to MMO world

Tip for Newbie's of MMO's :

 massive online gaming: if ur new to this one hmmm u neeed lil time to understand mmo's and how to improve ur skills in playing mmo's.mmo's are multi massive online games also include socail networking so u need to know pretty much about this games because relation is what neeeded in a mmo game because if u r a starter u must take the help of other high level player by chatting wid them through available chat options in the game even before starting the game just go through all guidance provided in the game site .And always  try to play all the character first then choose the character which u feel free and easy to ply wid  and also check all the shortcut keys and help lines in the game so tht levelup will be easy ,better follow quests from NPC's (merchants in the game) so it will be easy to trace down all the merchants u need in the game .so here are few tips and depending on the theme of the game many changes in game play occur so better take advice about the game which ur playing from the players who have already plyed it check out forums related to the games are you can post your questions or your beautifull idealogy of plying games and tips here in this blog ..

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